Asking AI: Wedding Dresses Base on Stereotypes of US States

Asking AI: Wedding Dresses Base on Stereotypes of US States

We asked AI to create wedding dresses using stereotypes based on US states. We looked at California, New York, Ohio and Michigan. 


The background shows the beautiful California coastline with beach views and cliffside hills. The wedding dress is elegant and sensual with a heart neckline and a leg slit perfect for California weather. Californians are known to foster a carefree lifestyle as shown in the flowing bottom of the dress. Overall, this wedding dress encapsulates the true stereotypes that Californians face with the long blonde beach hair to the fitting wedding dress. 

New York: 

New York skyline is the perfect way to be viewing this New York inspired wedding dress. The lacy detailed arms and the flowy skirt match New Yorks stereotypes of high fashion. The mismatching of styles and designs in this dress gives perfect NYC vibes with an elegant feel. The sort of belt style on the dress also shows the accuracy of this design. 


Ohio isn't known for elegance or extravagance and this dress is both of those things. This time the AI doesn't seem to properly decipher the Ohio stereotypes. While the dress is gorgeous Ohio is known for its farming and that doesn't show in this design. 


This beautiful dress made by AI to represent Michigan doesn't necessarily do so. The American flag in the background is the only thing pointing this to being Michigan's wedding dress. A strapless gown also wouldn't make sense for Michigan's lengthy cold weather. While the train and the fit are stunning the creation does not represent Michigan. 




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