Asking AI: Creating Wedding Dresses Based on US State Stereotypes

Asking AI: Creating Wedding Dresses Based on US State Stereotypes

We asked AI to create wedding dresses using stereotypes based on US states. We looked at Texas, North Carolina, Florida and Kansas. 


Texas is known for being the 'big' state, "Everything is bigger in Texas" they say. This dress would be more fit as a ballgown or a bigger skirt. However, Texas is known for its patriotism therefore making the American flag background very fitting for this look. It would also be better with more hints of country, maybe some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Overall, the dress is beautiful and shows some of the Texan stereotypes.

North Carolina: 

This very lovely wedding dress doesn't seem to be meeting the stereotypes the coexist with North Carolina. This US state has more of a country feel with spreads of flatlands which is not shown here or in the background. 


 This is the perfect Florida dress, shown in the background is the swampy beachy environment in Florida. Florida is known for its 'spring break' bringing young people wearing more revealing clothing and this dress shows those spring break vibes while also being elegant and classy. 


This Kansas wedding dress is also perfectly designed. It shows the flatlands that Kansas is known for, and the strapless dress is perfect for the heat waves that Kansas can face. The wind in the veil is also perfect for the unpredictable weather that occurs. 


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