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About Devotion Dresses

As the sole global conduit bridging brides directly with Europe's finest wedding dress manufacturers, we offer a remarkable assortment of premium, custom-made wedding dresses, all at remarkably affordable prices. Having carved out a strong online presence, we're now expanding our horizon by entering the offline retail space. By doing so, we're opening the door to a world of exclusive national franchise opportunities that will revolutionize the wedding fashion market.

All of our gowns are custom-made, which means that a gown is sewn from scratch to fit your measurements perfectly as to ensure that you make your way down that aisle as breath-taking as ever. We have collections for all styles of wedding dresses, including ball gown wedding dresses, modest wedding dresses and simple wedding gowns. When you buy a bridal dress online from Devotion Dresses, you can be rest assured that you will receive a quality garment faster than you can say “yes to the dress!”

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Picture this: You're at the helm of a luxurious flagship store, showcasing over 2000 stunning, tailor-made European wedding dresses from a variety of premium designers, without the need to hold stock of these gowns at your salon and without the need to invest in the stock. How is that possible?

It is actually quite simple! You will only purchase a few showcase pieces (the amount that you will purchase is fully up to you, as there is no MOQ).

These pieces will allow you to showcase some of Devotion's best sellers to brides coming to your salon. Brides will be able to see the quality of the dresses, the quality of the materials as well as craftsmanship.

They will also be able to try on different silhouettes and styles and determine what suits them the best. They can then, of course, always simply purchase the dress on the spot.

Alternatively, if they do not find their dream dress among the showcase pieces, they will be able to select their gown from an online catalogue, to which you will have access.

With wide range of styles (2000 designs and constantly growing), every bride-to-be will find her dream wedding dress with Devotion. You can then order the dress for the bride with us either in a standard size, or in custom size, i.e. fully upon the bride's individual measurements. Your wholesale price will remain the same, no matter the sizing option. Your mission is to simply bring these coveted products and services to brides-to-be, while we handle the nitty-gritty.

  • Over 2000 Designs

    From globally recognized dressmakers, providing the most extensive choice worldwide A massive potential market, as brides actively search for a wedding dress Robust business model resilient to economic downturns Comprehensive advertising support from

  • Premium Dresses

    That are sold in high-end boutiques but at a fraction of the usual retail price

  • Highly Customisable Styles

    Sewing each dress from scratch allows us to offer you a wide range of customizations. You can select some on the pages of the dresses, but we are always happy to hear and discuss any custom alterations that you have in mind!

It's an opportunity to transform the wedding industry, offering a vast collection of dresses and a personalized experience like no other.


Open a store/boutique under the prestigious Devotion brand Freedom to design and layout your boutique to best reflect your market and customer base No prior market knowledge required - Devotion manages all complex tasks (supplier liaisons, delivery coordination, design adjustments etc.) Simply get measurements from clients and place orders through our proprietary partnership system No sales fees or hidden charges Quality checks performed by Devotion for every dress prior to dispatch Earn commission from online orders placed by your clients By joining Devotion, you are not just opening a franchise – you're stepping into a transformative role in the wedding fashion industry. This is an opportunity to elevate bridal shopping experiences, providing future brides with unparalleled dress selection and premium quality. Be a part of a mission to make every bride's dream come true.

  •  Leading European Manufacturers

    Bespoke European wedding dresses offered at competitive prices similar to or lower than standard "off-the-rack" dresses

  • Exceptional brand reputation with an average 4.9-star company review

    On WeddingWire and recipient of WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Award of Excellence every single year since we started operating, in 2020, 2021, 2022 as well as 2023 Globally registered trademarks approved by the WIPO Exclusive partnerships with time-honored leaders in the wedding dress industry

  • High quality Materials and Craftsmanship

    All the dresses we offer are sewn using the finest materials available on the market and with the craftsmanship corresponding to the strictest European standards.

January 2024 flagship store launched in Dublin, Ireland.
Two more salons are in preparation in other countries and continents.

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