Fast-Checking the 5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Myths

Fast-Checking the 5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Myths

Fact-Checking the 5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Myths


All incoming brides dream of finding the best wedding dress for their special day. Once their partner slips on the engagement ring, the search begins to find the best option to make them feel like an actual princess. It's also the perfect time to customise things that fit your needs and preferences.


Although wedding dress shopping at local bridal boutiques can be exciting and tempting to splurge, remember that it can also cause expensive mistakes if you don't plan properly. It’s also especially true, as there is rampant disinformation online and offline about buying the best option.


If you want to select the best choice that suits your preferences and style, this article will debunk some typical wedding dress shopping myths.


Myth 1: You Should Get Everyone’s Approval Before Buying


Everybody wants to wow their guests during their big day, as it’s one of the only times to show your unique preferences and styles. This situation is especially true when shopping for the best wedding dress. We often expect loved ones to share our enthusiasm for our preferred style. Unfortunately, no matter how pretty the option is, you can’t please everyone, as someone in your circle may not seem as excited, causing us to question our decision.


You should also know that getting all loved ones to agree can be challenging, as everyone has their preferences. Instead of settling for a unanimous decision, remember that the most critical vote is your own.

Myth 2: You Can’t Pick a Dress until You’ve Browsed All Options

When choosing a wedding dress, it’s not always best to constantly ask yourself what-if questions. Searching endlessly for styles can lead to confusion and questioning one's choices. Sometimes, you could fall in love with a dress at first sight, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a quick option.

However, many wedding planners and bridal shops don’t recommend rushing as it could lead to regrets and costly mistakes. Ultimately, while you’ll always discover new styles, remember that they’re not always better options.

Myth 3: You Didn’t Find the Best One Unless You Cry

Whether you’ve been binge-watching the show or have seen a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, you’ve noticed that crying is a common reaction when finding the best wedding dress. Other incoming brides assume they should always burst into tears once they find the one. However, that’s untrue, as everyone has different emotional responses.

Although some brides may not cry, that doesn’t automatically mean their dress choice is any less perfect for them. Remember that everyone’s experience is unique, and you must choose a dress that makes you happy, even if it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes.

Myth 4: You Should Never Buy a Wedding Dress Online

Online shopping for the best wedding dress can be concerning for brides due to horror stories of other women receiving tacky dresses. However, although there are fraudulent online retailers, there are also reputable bridal designers who operate online boutiques.

You can avoid disappointment and find the perfect dress without compromising on quality or compliments by researching the seller, reading reviews, and asking questions before buying.

Myth 5: You Must Match Your Dress to Your Wedding Style

The idea that you must dress a certain way for different celebrations is unnecessary. Although people often have opinions on what you should wear based on your wedding’s season and location, you must wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It's okay to break the dress code and wear something unexpected, like long sleeves in the summer or a train on the beach.

Making an Informed Yes

Finding the best wedding dress can be exciting for many brides, but this shopping spree is open to many costly mistakes. You can ensure a stress-free shopping experience by educating yourself about the common myths, considering your preferences, and finding reputable sellers.

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