Guide To Wedding Dress Styles

Guide To Wedding Dress Styles

Another step that can help you get closer to the dress of your dreams is selecting the style of your wedding dress. There are a few things you can consider before determining which style to choose.

Of course, the initial determining factor can be your own individual taste. Go ahead and embrace your classic wedding dress if you prefer classics in your daily attire. If you prefer more extravagant things, think about incorporating that into your wedding gown as well!

Next, you might always choose to match the dress to your wedding's theme. Do you intend to hire a DJ rather than a band? Are you going to dance the night away? Then, as a finishing touch, choose a wedding dress with a contemporary design.

Finally, you are free to pursue your heart's desire on that one unique day. Regardless of your preferred usual every-day style or wedding theme. Go ahead and experiment by rocking a two-in-one wedding dress on your special day if you feel like it!

In conclusion, what are your exact options?

  1. Traditional/Classic style; this one features numerous princess and A-line silhouettes. Why? With its sleek lines, classic materials, and timeless look, it is simply the most classic and time-honored wedding dress style.

  1. Elegant style—plenty of fitted mermaid shapes with lots of lace. Elegant, tasteful patterns are constantly in style! And don't worry if you prefer puffier skirts—there are plenty of chic alternatives available for you as well!

  1. Contemporary/Modern style - consider all the creative styles out there! Deep cut V-back designs, high slits on the skirt, sheer inserts, or just unconventional design decisions, such buttons that extend from the back all the way to the train's hem and much more.

  1. Luxurious style - elegant lace designs wrapped in all kinds of décor, including sequins, beads, pearls, and even feathers! Not a big fan of embroidery? Then choose some elaborate lace instead!

  1. Two in one style - this is a godsend for those of you who can't choose between different styles because you genuinely adore them all! Choose a convertible dress so you can switch up your look throughout the evening! Start off in a traditional puffy princess outfit, then when you wish to look more sophisticated, just remove the puffy skirt to wrap the night in a chic fitted mermaid silhouette wedding dress! Or exchange vows while wearing a luxurious wedding gown, then remove the embroidered top and rock the stylish outfit underneath!

So, have you made a decision regarding the design of your wedding dress? Let us know about it in the comments!

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