AI Lover Dress

Taylor Swift-Inspired Wedding Dresses as Seen Through AI

AI is taking over the internet and becoming a fun and creative tool that everyone, including brides, can use. Using AI to gather inspiration for your special day can be fun and exciting. We have started it for you and have created a few wedding dresses inspired by Taylor Swift's albums and eras. Part One. 


This album was made in Taylor Swift's country era. Her second studio album release and re-recording embrace her wild curly hair and young spirit. You can walk down the aisle to Love Story in this dress. 


The New York City vibes of this dress show it's true 1989-era aesthetic. The beachy layers and baby blue color are the main characteristics of this album's vibe. Walking down the aisle to This Love is a must. 


Our personal favorite, the lover dress shows the true essence of the album. The heart-shaped neckline is a beautiful touch along with the beautiful baby pink color. It looks like it could have been in the Lover music video. Walking down the aisle to Paper Rings is the only acceptable way to wear this dress. 


Her latest and most recent era seemed to be harder for the AI to nail. The midnight blue is on key, but the background doesn’t seem to reflect the album. It could use more shades of navy and less white, the background should show a lavender ‘haze’ that it doesn’t. Some stars and sparkles would have been the perfect touch to this gown.

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