Guide To Wedding Dress Train Lengths

Guide To Wedding Dress Train Lengths

Most of us picture extra fabric in the lower section of the skirt that is trailing behind you as you walk when we talk about trains on wedding dresses. There are, however, not only various lengths but also several trains from which you can pick.

As the names of the trains don't always describe what they actually look like, they can occasionally sound confusing. We created a simple image and listed the features of each type of train to make it easier for you to understand. Look down below!

When it comes to unusual train designs, we definitely need to point out the Watteau train. It is connected to the very top of your dress, typically at the shoulders, and can either continue all the way down, ending at the very hem of your dress, or it can be longer for those of you who are going for a more extravagant aesthetic, leaving a lovely trail behind you.

The Detachable/Convertible train can be detached, as its name already implies.This is quite convenient since you can dazzle your guests with an incredible train that follows your every move, and then, when the time comes to dance, you can very easily remove the train from your dress.

The shortest of the trains is the Sweep/Brush train length. Its design is very subtle, but there is still a small piece of fabric behind you that "sweeps" or "brushes," as the name suggests.

A slightly longer train option is the Court train. For those of you who desire just a little bit more movement than the sweep/brush behind you, this would be the ideal option.

The Chapel train straddles the line between the more subdued features of the Sweep/Brush trains and Court trains and the majestic appearances created by the Cathedral and Royal/Monarch trains. The Chapel train is the one for you if you're looking for something in the middle.

The Cathedral train is the perfect train for taking stunning photos that you'll never forget! Your guests will be amazed and enthralled as it flows behind you through the aisle!

The Royal/Monarch train is unquestionably a real conversation starter! This train is the longest of them all and ndoubtedly creates an unforgettable look.

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