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One-of-a kind one-shoulder wedding dresses

A one-shoulder wedding gown will show off your individuality and sophistication. One-shoulder wedding gowns offer a stunning selection of choices for brides looking to stand out on special days. A wide range of accessories are available that can be used to enhance a one-shoulder wedding dress. We hope you find the perfect one-shoulder wedding gown style from our Devotion Dresses team. If you are unsure, book an appointment to get help.

One-shoulder Wedding Dresses

A one-shoulder wedding gown will highlight your delicate curves and give you the elegance and grace that only a one shoulder dress can. Its unique tailoring will make you stand out and show off your delicate frame. Its design highlights your feminine features and perfectly contoured shoulders. This neckline is perfect for any type of wedding because of its versatility and diagonal lines. You can get your one-shoulder look going with decor. Florals are a must-have for any bride and will add romance to your look. You prefer a more elegant and glamorous look? You're ready to walk the red carpet with beads and sequins. You'll be remembered for your symmetry and sparkle! You can show off your arms in a simple, elegant version of a sleeveless dress and walk down the aisle feeling and looking like a lady. Designer favorite: No sleeves, no sleeves. You'll be the belle of the wedding photos.

Get Ready for the Big Day

Mesh can make any wedding dress more attractive. Swap the fabric shoulder for one made of mesh and let the sheer detail showcase your feminine features. Mesh can be worn by itself or with many embellishments. The neckline is perfect for any type of skirt. Pair it with a sheath-cut or midi-length skirt and you have the ultimate Grecian favorite. The weightless fabric and purity in line will make you a sculptor's dream muse. This neckline and the fuller princess gown show off your waist, giving a fresh take on the classic silhouette. You don't need to stick with the traditional because things are going to become asymmetrical.